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DropKey is the world’s first inflatable green screen that helps users create broadcast-quality videos from anywhere. Equipped with camera app, wireless lighting controller & audio mixer, DropKey is the ultimate inflatable, portable studio.

DropKey is now available for purchase on Kickstarter at:

The campaign reached its goal within the first days and the product will be shipping to backers this fall. DropKey is available starting at $599.

The DropKey Pop-up Studio in a Bag Classic is an inflatable green-screen studio with bright lights, headphone jacks and two wired lavalier microphones. All DropKey Studios automatically pair via Wi-Fi with the DropKey Camera app, including subscriptions to make commercials for small businesses for a fraction of the cost. With millions of video clips used as backgrounds on its eCommerce store, simply enter search words to find any location you want and you’re shooting in seconds!

More information can be seen at

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