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evel up your content posts on the internet with professional-quality visual effects with the DropKey Pop-up Studio. This is a green screen setup in a bag so you can take stunning videos and photos practically anywhere you want.

A change in scenery, adding pops of color, and other amazing visual effects to your videos or photos do not have to be confined to a specific location. With this handy gear, you can set up a studio anywhere be it at home, in your room, on the road, and make it look like you’re somewhere else.

The DropKey Pop-Up Studio is basically a professional green screen setup that you can inflate for use. It then deflates and packs down small in its heavy-duty travel bag. When it comes to preparation, it only takes a minute to inflate and a total of 10 minutes for the overall setup of its built-in parts.

It comes with  LED lighting (4 x 25w LED flicker-free panel lights and dual tube lights 2 x 12w for matte lighting). It has wireless lighting control via the DropKey mobile app for the camera display screen. The app also lets you edit audio and video. The package even comes with a controller box equipped with two headphone jacks and two wired lavalier microphones.

Moreover, the DropKey Pop-Up Studio supports wireless VR sensors. They can hang from the forward ceiling of the airframe for smooth movement. It provides access to so you can choose locations or backgrounds to make professional and high-quality content.

This office and home gear comes in either blue or green screen and fits any standard room with 8″ ceilings and a 6″ ceiling lamp. It measures 9″ wide and 7′-4″ high by 5″ deep when fully inflated.


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